Home Staging Expert Believes Stagers Exhibit Creativity Early in Life

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  1. Birgit Anich says:

    OMG Debra, this is soooo true. I was just back home over the holidays and looked at my childhood diaries – I drew floor plans at age of 8, completely redrew my parent’s architect’s floor plan when their were building their house at age 15 and designed custom furniture at age 18. Even earlier on my absolute favorite games were building houses in the backyard using chairs, blankets, umbrellas, and other suitable items and then decorate each of the rooms. As soon the house was completed I lot interest in playing in them and started making a new one. My room was always decorated and rearranged. I could spend hours and days doing these things.

    • Debra Gould says:

      Birgit, thanks for sharing your experiences. I can totally picture what you’re describing! What fun to remember a childhood passion and realize we can make a living with it many years later! That’s awesome, appreciate you taking the time to comment.

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