When a house is not a home, it can be a money-maker

The Globe & Mail, October 28, 2004
“When a house is not a home, it can be a money-maker,” by Gabrielle Bauer

Excerpt from The Globe and Mail:

. . . Debra Gould used this strategy to advantage when she bought a home in Montreal in May, 2002, and resold it three months later at a $30,000 profit. The president of Six Elements Inc., a Toronto firm specializing in home staging or “fluffing,” Ms. Gould used her decorating talents to polish the home’s appearance before selling it.

To her clients interested in the “flipping” scene, Ms. Gould advises: “Buying a structurally sound but ugly house in a great location, and preferably one that needs lots of minor repairs and cosmetic changes like removing old carpets, wallpaper and lighting. These changes can make a huge difference to the perceived value of a property, often at minimal cost.”. . .

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