Slowing Economy a Boon for Home Staging Entrepreneurs


  1. Miriam Gilmore says:

    I’m at the edge of the pool but am afraid to jump! I absolutely love design and decorating, I have loved it since I was a child, always coming up with ways to re-arrange my room and re-paint as often as I could. I went into the Title Insurance Business and ran a successful operation for over 15 years, with the real estate crash, I am at a crossroads as to where I am heading. I would love to dedicate my life to my passion which would be redesign and staging, but I got used to a very comfortable income and am affraid I would be like the “starving artist” in this type of business. I’ve been in real estate for over 15 years and most of my contacts have never used Stagers. I’m very confused and scared!!!!

    • Debra Gould says:

      Miriam, I totally relate to your fear of giving up a comfortable income to follow your passion. When I closed my marketing consulting business to do something more creative with my life, I was making $140,000 a year working from my home office for a blue chip list of clients. That was 1999 and I’d already put 10 years into building that business (right through the last recession!) before walking away from it because I decided money isn’t enough when you aren’t living your right life.

      There are two things I suggest to help you sort this out:

      I just finished writing a FREE special report called “Ask Staging Diva: Can I grow a home staging business in a depressed economy?” You can download it free.

      Order the Free Staging Diva Quiz to help you determine if home staging is the right business for you. You can sign up for FREE and you’ll also get my monthly newsletter Staging Diva Dispatch and an invitation to the next Ask Staging Diva Live event.

      Then consider this:

      You don’t need to give up what you’re doing to try home staging, you can build your business on the side while you still have another job. This is not an immediate “all or nothing” decision! Since staging pays as well as it does, you could take the entire Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program and get your business started, and then make your entire investment back with only a few client projects. At that point, you could decide whether you like it and want to keep doing it, or chalk it up to one of life’s adventures.

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