It can’t be all about price when marketing a home staging business

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  1. Elisabeth McCarthy says:

    Thank you for this input. Since graduating from the Haverhill Institute of Staging & Design I have working hard on starting up my own home staging/interior design and redesign business. No clients to date but I have been reading everything I can get my hands on regarding starting up a home staging business. Several experts have suggested such tactics as forgoing payment for the staging the first home with a particular realtor until the home sells (similar to the way realtors work), or offering to stage the first home at no charge exchange for an opportunity to display marketing materials at the staged home…I am a registered interior designer with ten years of experience and am very excited about this new opportunity. I want to set off on the right foot but I am also beginning to believe that I need a hook to get started in a business that to date has not taken off in my area.

    • Debra Gould says:

      Elisabeth, I have written extensively on why the two strategies for getting work that you just mentioned are a bad idea in Home Staging Business Report.

      If you are a registered interior designer with 10 years of experience, clearly “how to stage a house” is not an issue for you. The question is how to make a living at it. I strongly encourage you to take a look at the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program. It will not duplicate anything you may have learned with Haverhill because this is a program about how to start and grow your own staging business, not about how to go to work for another company. It is based on my 20+ years as an entrepreneur, 7 of those as a home stager. I don’t teach you how to decorate, the assumption is that you already have talent in this area. You’ll get 10 hours of instruction on how to get clients to hire you, how to avoid free estimates, how to price for your services, how to market to your four key target audiences and more. Get the full scoop at

  2. Debra, you’ve got me thinking about the business I have gotten and the business I haven’t. I just landed a huge staging job where I know I really had no competition (the client complained about the one other staging company who was unresponsive, couldn’t read floor plans, etc.). The client did not try to negotiate down my fees. I know it’s because prior to hiring me my responsiveness and professionalism shined through. He trusts me to do a good job and get it done on time. It’s the people who call and the first thing they ask is “how much does staging cost?” that never turn into clients. Even if I steer the client away from the cost and describe the process and the benefits (with a few success stories thrown in), it doesn’t seem to work. Either they weren’t really serious or they found someone cheaper. I have found that all of my clients became clients because they were convinced that home staging is what they needed BEFORE they called me, and some had even made up their mind that they wanted ME over other stagers. Maybe I need to do a better sales job with the how-much-does-it-cost prospects, I don’t know.

    • Debra Gould says:

      Donna, that’s excellent feedback to the point of this article. Once you’re dealing with people who respect the value of what we do, it’s a completely different experience. Refer back to your notes from course 2 where I talked about how I changed my pricing strategy in my first year as a home stager and what I said about the kind of projects I got after that.

      As for having people call you who have already made up their mind that they want YOU, that’s the beauty of pursuing the marketing strategy I shared with you in course 4. It’s all about how to become the expert in your market so that people who want the best, will want you. The work you’ve been doing over the past 14 months or so will serve you well over the long term because you’ll continue to attract the right type of clients. And you’ll find you need far fewer of them to make the same money.

      Keep on your path, no matter what you see the majority of your competitors doing!

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