Staging Diva Stevie Awards Finalist

Debra Gould Named as Finalist in Stevie Awards for Women in Business

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  1. Loi Diaz says:

    Is there any doubt who will win! Go, Debra!

  2. Leah Fritz says:

    My goodness Debra! I am so happy for you! The year 2005 will always be a link between the two of us. Both Staging Diva and Perfect Place Home Staging were started that year, and with a lot of hard work, both have grown into something truly amazing. Six years later the feeling of fulfillment is really indescribable for me. Now we are here… You being honored in such a remarkable way, and myself being so proud to have followed your journey all this time. One could say we have come full circle, but I venture to guess the world has even more in store for us all. Congratulations Debra!

  3. Congratulations, Debra!! That is quite an achievement, and with the enthusiasm and passion you display in all your newsletters, I’m sure you’ll win.

  4. What a wonderful acknowledgement of your success, Debra. I will, personally, be thinking about you on the 11th, but regardless of the outcome, you are such a winner to all of us that have been inspired by your talent, your enthusiasm and your on-going support. You truly deserve this honour.

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