Home Stagers Advised to Consider Furniture Inventory Issues

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  1. Debra Gould says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences Adam, I know having your own inventory has been a huge help in Tasmania. It’s been great watching your business grow since you first took my training almost 6(!) years ago. You’ve always done such a beautiful job in every home staging portfolio shot I’ve seen from your company.

  2. Adam says:

    There are certainly pros and cons. We have an inventory and would be lost without it.

    There are no local rental companies to work with so it makes it even more important to have out own stock.

    Even now, if a rental company turned up, I would still maintain our stock as we always know what we have to work with and are not at the mercy of another company to dictate what we can have at what price.

    If we want to add a few additional pieces to finish a job to our standards, we don’t have to charge the client more either which is nice.

    Agree it is not for everyone, there are large expenses to consider. But if you are in a smaller market it could be the best decision you make.

    Just be aware of ongoing costs as outlined above.

  3. Hi Debra!
    I’ve always followed your website and much of your valuable advise in addition to purchasing some of your materials along with other home staging experts websites. However, I am also an expert. I am an Interior Designer who has had great success by owning my furniture and accessories. Most rental companies don’t rent accessories. Owning my own inventory has made my service more affordable and since my accessories are handpicked by me they are nicer than what you can rent. Granted, I have a showroom large enough to store my inventory, but I still believe it gives me the edge.

    • Debra Gould says:

      Robby, I’m glad you’ve had success with your own inventory. There are many pros and cons to going that route so I caution stagers (especially new ones) to be careful how they go about getting into the rental business.

      In my own staging business which I’ve run for 9 years, I don’t keep any of my own inventory. If there are accessories I need, I prefer to be paid for my time to go shopping for them and the client pays me upfront for what I’m going to buy. This way I have nothing to pick up afterwards and I save myself all the paperwork and other hassles of keeping track of it all.

      Thanks for sharing your experience and point of view!

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